cctv Logo Brand

The 5 channels of CCTV News International just moved into their new iconic headquarter in Beijing. Along with the move, CCTV News Int’l wanted to position itself as a global news provider targeting to the developing countries and an audience interested in China all over the planet.

The philosophy is represented by the „CCTV Sphere“, a stylized globe with 2 shapes in permanent and balanced motion. With red and gold color as reference to China. The „CCTV Sphere“ is the key visual throughout the various elements.

Ident International

To be international means to be borderless. In former times, the wind was a symbol for communication. Constantly traveling the world, the wind is the perfect metaphor for the idea of internationality.
Like the wind reaches every corner of the earth, CCTV News connects to people on the whole planet.

Creative Director: Martin Kett

Design: Markus Feder

Animation: motoscope GbR

Music: Stephen Arnold Music

Project Details

Client: perfectaccident München

Motion Graphics
Hair simulation